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Please let us know if you want to visit more website done by Online Solution. One of our current work is for EntropiaBD.

Privacy Policy

  • Domain Registration will be done by 48 hours.

  • After providing the necessary documents, like logo text and Graphics, we need only 20 (twenty) days for static site & 40 day's for dynamic site.

  • The agreement will sign up for a year or long time.

  • Online Solution does not take any responsibility for the content of websites.

  • Online Solution will provide free servicing and maintenance for 1 year.

  • Extra charge will be added for the service that is not mention in the agreement paper.

  • 50% payment should be done in advanced, after accepting the proposal. Subsequent 25% should be done with approval of work in progress. Last 25% should be paid in the time of handing over the website.

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